A very elegant touch to your homes with a powerful and aesthetic character of Chester range, a reminder of traditional and classical yet modern perfection! We have completely modernised our new Chester while including different styles and models in our collection. With its exclusive and stylish design, our modern Chester creates a truly magical atmosphere through combining comfort with a unique style. Our new Modern Chester sofa, a fine interpretation of traditional Chesterfield with modern lines, offers the ultimate comfort with elegance. Contrary to classical Chester, the sofa comes with 13 different size alternatives. The framework is completed with a metal profile. This particular piece is sure to become the centre of attention in your house with its refined solid wood legs.
Your living space is never out of fashion with our Modern Chester of exclusive quilted design and a fine example of handcraftsmanship.The sofa beautifully combines cushions made from high quality foam with elegance and comfort. It also prides itself with a selection of colours that are befitting to your living space. Modern Chester renders creating everyday living spaces and different compositions possible with the reflection of its contemporary and dynamic spirit
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