All of this has been in our DNA for generations. With history and experience of over 100 years, the core of LAZZONI is in its first three letters – “people living in the wood house” in Turkish. We have carried this ideology throughout the generations to associate it with the more contemporary term of sustainability. All our products are created with minimum affect to the environment, essential for the healthy living we aspire to.



Notoriously a population of independent trade workers, the LAZs are natives of the Black Sea, in the northeast of Turkey.Our family has been manufacturing furniture since 1905 and with our crafting techniques our design has also evolved. Today, LAZZONI is a staple of high-end, contemporary furniture designed for every living space.


We manufacture in Europe using fine Italian leather, Turkish linens, and German hardware. We work with Italian architects and designers on creating modern, multifunctional products.

Since there are no middle men or distributors we are able to sell to our clients high end quality furniture at a fraction of the price